Tickera is an online plugin for those of you who need help with selling tickets and delivering them virtually to your customers. It has a lot of features that help you manage your events and sell the tickets directly on your website. The customers can choose from many payment gateways, all integrations being built-integrations, such as Authorize.net, Braintree, PayGate, PayPal or Mollie.

Besides this, with Tickera you can create multiple templates for each ticket type easily, you can add many details to your tickets such as price or stock, you have no service fees, no additional costs and no commission and it is multisite compatible. In addition, you might want to try their fusion with WooCommerce called Bridge for WooCommerce, which adds even more features to the site! Some of the supported Tickera Addons are Custom Forms, EVENTS, Barcode Reader, CSV Report, Custom Ticket Template Font or Check-in Notifications, which add even more awesomeness.

In brief, Tickera is a great system for selling tickets, which also comes with a white label smart phone application for iOS and Android platforms which allows you to scan tickets with your iPhone, iPad or Android device and check in attendees easily, making the cooperation between you and your users easier!

How would we describe Backblaze? Hm, not a hard question, since it is such an user-friendly service willing to help you with recovering your lost data. Therefore, we would say that it is your saviour regarding all those files that you have lost and cried so much for them (or not, but we still know that you may have felt sorry). Ranked as #1 online backup service, it helps people worldwide to backup millions of files at unlimited speed, access all of their computers and external drives backed up from almost any device, download any of your files and eventually share them in lots of ways. In addition, it provides you with extra security as shown by their secure datacenters with 24-hour staff, biometric security and redundant power where you data is stored, or by the possibility to use a personal encryption key for additional security. On top of that, if it ever happens to lose your computer, Backblaze comes to its rescue by using many methods which will help the police investigate and recover your stolen computer.

Shrink the Web it’s the best way to capture website screenshots but not only that. You can also, crop, shrink, save, display or upload them with a single line of code that you have to paste in the bar situated on the homepage or with a screenshot plugin.You can use it for free as it is really easy to install and integrate or, for a few dollars a month you can choose between a basic, plus or enterprise account with which you can access their pro features.They are a highly acclaimed service with good reviews and the best team support if you have any misunderstandings. Their special features include custom quality or resolution as many users ask for that, widescreen or inside page capture, URL-to-PDF conversion and full-length capture the automated website screenshot system and the best thumbnail provider supporting also mix-and-match of any features depending on what you need.

Ultimatum Theme is the website theme builder that can turn any zero into a web design hero. The inestimable drag-and-drop layout editor offers a huge range of elements that, just by having different settings, can lead to unique, extraordinary results. It is based on Bootstrap framework and its direct derivatives, the Boostwatches, but using the CSS live editor can avoid the danger of having another monotonous website that looks like other one hundred thousands. Its user friendliness is based on the large number of options and choices. A few that we have to mention are a dozen basic themes, a couple of hundred widgets and complete integration with all of the WordPress plugins. Its prices are not that low, but for a one-time payment you get all the accessibility and features for a lifetime, by the agreement of a license. A premium account comes with even more: mobile website builder, because this segment is growing, and unlimited domains, for every need you might have in that area. These being said, what are you waiting for? You should definitely check it out!

How cool would it be to create a site only by dragging items and dropping them in the desired place? Simbla Website Builder makes it possible and even more, it gives you such a big range of awesome and freshly made templates that you can choose from for your new website that it’s impossible to not find a suitable one. Moreover, it is fully responsive to any kind of device and all websites are stored and backed up on Simbla’s secure servers, so that you don’t lose anything!

You can have a beautiful experience with Themyfy.me, by using their drag-and-drop editor to turn your imagination into real websites. You can get unlimited access to all of their themes for 79$ a year and that would be, for sure, well spent money. You can build everything from a corporate to a blog or a music website, with great features that need no coding experience.

Your business is nothing without great management skills, good cooperation between your team and better understandment of your project’s recent issues. TeamDesk helps you achieve all of these, by giving you the chance to create custom databases for your company, with no technical skills required. You can start from one predefined database template or build y
our database from scratch and the best part is that you adapt the tools to fit the processes you use in a daily basis.

By using Hotjar, you will no longer question yourself about what your users are thinking and doing on your site. It is a great analytics tool that visually represents what your users are doing on your site, so that you will know what changes you should make. It will make you think like an actual visitor by understanding their mindset, through the help of various features, such as heatmaps, funnels or surveys.

With Xfive, your projects will be taken to the next level, thanks to their amazing punctuality, high-quality work and big variety of options that will help you website grow and your users be more pleased. They work really quickly and can accurately predict how long things would take, so don’t be afraid and give them a try! It will a big bonus to your website.IM Creator doesn’t need your effort in creating a website, because it is an easy-to-use, simple and free builder made for anyone who wants a good site for their project, even if it is a landing page, a business site or an online store (which yes, it’s possible thanks to the eCommerce option!). Having a big range of cool options, we highly recommend it to most of you!

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