Python String replace() With Examples

Python string replace() function is used to create a string by replacing some parts of another string.

Python String replace

Python String replace() function syntax is:

str.replace(old, new[, count])

The original string remains unmodified. The new string is a copy of the original string with all occurrences of substring old replaced by new.

If optional argument count is provided, then only first count occurrences are replaced.

We can use this function to replace characters in a string too.

Python String replace() example

Let’s look at some simple examples of using string replace() function.

s="Java is Nice"
# simple string replace example
str_new = s.replace('Java', 'Python')
# replace character in string
str_new = s.replace('d', 'c')


Python is Nice

Python string replace with count

str_new = s.replace('d', 'c', 2)

Output: cocodo

String replace() example with user input

input_str = input('Please provide input datan')
delimiter = input('Please provide current delimitern')
delimiter_new = input('Please provide new delimitern')
output_str = input_str.replace(delimiter, delimiter_new)
print('Updated Data=", output_str)


Please provide input data
Please provide current delimiter
Please provide new delimiter
Updated Data = a:e:i:o:u

We can also use str.replace() function as shown below.

print(str.replace("abca', 'a', 'A'))

Output: AbcA

You can checkout complete script and more Python String examples from our GitHub Repository.

Reference: API Doc

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