Python - Get IP Address from Hostname With Examples

Python socket module can be used to get the IP address from a hostname.

The socket module is part of the Python core libraries, so we don’t need to install it separately.

Python Socket Module to Get IP Address from Hostname

Python socket module gethostbyname() function accepts hostname argument and returns the IP address in the string format.

Here is a simple example in the Python interpreter to find out the IP address of some of the websites.

Note: If the website is behind a load-balancer or working in the cloud, you might get a different result for the IP address lookup.

For example, try to run the above command for or If you are not in the same location as mine (India), chances are that you will get a different IP address as output.

Python Script to Find Out the IP Address of a Website

Let’s look at an example where we ask user to enter a website address and then print its IP address.

Python Get Ip Address from Hostname

Here is another example to pass the hostname as a command-line argument to the script. The script will find the IP address and print it.


Error Scenarios with socket.gethostbyname()

If the hostname doesn’t resolve to a valid IP address, socket.gaierror is raised. We can catch this error in our program using try-except block.

Here is the updated script with exception handling for invalid hostname.


Reference: Socket Module API Docs

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