Obligatory Web Tools and Services For Designers & Developers

I cannot imagine that in there are people who don’t use daily several web tools and services, especially when discussing with designers and developers. Why draw an icon from scratch if you can buy it for a few dollars? Why design your landing page when you can use a dedicated web tool that will help maximize the conversions and look many times better, and everything is done in a couple of minutes without having any special knowledge?

The secret is finding the right tools and here we will help you. Below you will find obligatory solutions that you have to use in your projects. All of them are budget-friendly and will deliver you better results than you expect.

  1. Tailor SocialThe Smarter Social Media Management Tool

Signing up for Tailor Social gives you the tools you need to easily manage your social media accounts and presence without taking time away from other important aspects of maintaining your website or web projects. The platform contains the powerful AI tools, including their proprietary Content Guru algorithm, which finds the most relevant content for your service and optimizes it for ready-made social posts.

Once you register your account and link your website, the Content Guru will ask you a few questions about your field, as well as have you select sample posts that are the most relevant and valuable for reaching the audience from your perspective. From there, it will automatically populate your social media calendar with a variety of ready-to-use posts that cover topics that are important to your industry.

Moreover, you can automate your social media even further by setting your calendar and responsibilities on Autopilot. In this mode, all aspects of your social media, from selecting the content to be uploaded to optimizing it and releasing it at the right time, are handled by Tailor Socials’ AI. This way, you can build an effective online presence that still gives you enough time to manage your project effectively.

You can set up to 2 accounts with the Basic plan at $10 a month; up to 7 with the $15 a month Professional plan; or up to 30 accounts with a Corporate account for $50 a month.

  1. Hotjar – See how your visitors are really using your site

Hotjar is being used by more than 210,000 companies with great success, from startups to Fortune 500 huge corporations. Have complete insights for your organization and stop the guesswork. See where visitors click, tap, and scroll on your website, check the video recordings and different reports and analysis that Hotjar is providing.

You will find out where is the dropping off for your customers, on which page and which step. Check how people interact with your website forms or even get insights directly from them by making feedback polls.

Hugely improving your website and conversions can be made in a couple of hours and without spending a fortune or being a top specialist. This is a solution that everybody should use from the first minute of their website life.

They are having pricing plans that fit any needs. A free forever plan for personal uses, a low-budget plan for startups and dedicated packages for companies and agencies.

  1. Landingi – A Powerful Landing Page Builder

Landing pages that hugely converts should be done easily, there are new products and services that are being launched and there is no time to lose. Landingi helps marketers and designers create gorgeous landing pages in hours or days, without having any special knowledge or coding skills. All of that is being achieved for a couple of tens of dollars every month and the process is straightforward and enjoyable.

They put at your disposal all the tools. There are over 200 beautiful templates to start with, 5,000 images, 800 Google Fonts and the possibility to have A/B testing, to include a video background from YouTube or Vimeo and much more.

Register for the 14-day free trial, you don’t a credit card. Pricing per month starts at $39 and you have most of the features included.

  1. Orion – 6014 Free SVG Vector Icons

Orion is the preferred icon library among designers, developers, and marketers who are looking to have access to a huge collection of icons for free and to a powerful web App that let them customize the icons, not only download them. There are 6,014 icons for free and another 2,599 premium icons with the pro plan for prices that starts at $5 per month. Check Orion and use their gorgeous icons.

They also have a fall deal with an exclusive 68% discount for the forever Pro version:

  1. WP Page Builder

With WP Page Builder, anybody can create WordPress websites for free, in minutes. It is a feature-rich, yet simple to use tool, packed with features that normally can be found on premium, expensive builders.

Create a stunning new website for your project.

  1. Format – Free Website Template Using Bootstrap For Portfolio

Format is an outstanding, all-in-one free to use portfolio website template that can be easily used by designers, agencies and web studios. It is packed with lots of features and the latest technologies on the market.

Build a new portfolio website for free with Format.

  1. AppBeat Monitoring

AppBeat is an excellent website monitoring service that you can use also to check the domain health, email, ping and much more. The interface is super simple to use and the reports can easily be understood.

Get notified via SMS, Email and 10 other ways of your website status.

  1. BrowseEmAll

BrowseEmAll is a powerful cross-browser testing service on the market that is very easy to use, you don’t need to have any special knowledge or previous experience. It works with all the major web br
owsers and it is packed with lots of functionalities.

Start a free, fully functional 14-day trial.

  1. MultiBrowser

MultiBrowser is a highly appreciated cross-browser testing service that supports both manual and automated testing. The applications run directly on the user’s machine and are therefore great for high test performance and data security as no third party servers are involved.

  1. Codester

Codester is one of the best and most complete marketplaces for web designers and developers on the market, being loaded with tens of thosuands of scripts, codes, app templates, themes, plugins and graphics. For an additional income, designers can sell their stuff via Codester, they are not requesting exclusivity over your products.

  1. Visme

Visme is a powerful presentation software solution, Infographic design tool, eBook maker and more – all rolled into one. Finally, anyone can create stunning visual content in any format WITHOUT needing years of design experience.

  1. 48HoursLogo

Get affordable custom logo designs for your business in just 48 Hours! Start an online logo design contest for only $29 and let talented logo designers compete for you. The results are excellent and the platform is very easy to use.

  1. Designhooks

At Designhooks you will find thousands of free PSD mockups, sketches, HTML templates, WordPress themes and much more. The quality of the items is outstanding, everything being handpicked from the best designers in the world.

  1. MailMunch

MailMunch is probably the most powerful landing page builder on the market, being loaded with the latest technologies and lots of powerful features. All the included templates look great and the powerful drag-and-drop builder is very easy to use. Increase conversions with MailMunch by having professional landing pages.

If you want to build a huge email subscribers list in days, use MailMunch professional squeeze pages. These dedicated lading pages will be a lead magnet that will work excellent with your core offer. Try it and you will never let it go.

  1. Userfeel

It is very important to let real-life testers check out your website. What do they think about it? Do they understand what is your website about or how they can test your service or product? Userfeel lets you work with real testers and for $49 you will receive a usability video test with voice over and the mouse movement.

  1. Unlayer – Email Editor

Built with React, Unlayer is the most reliable and friendly email and page editor available for SaaS applications. Among the key features, we can number the powerful drag-and-drop builder, merge tags, custom file storage, custom tools and many others.

Check the live demo.

  1. PingPong

PingPong will take care of all your moderated user interview needs in one place: from recruitment to payouts. On their instant panel, you are getting access to tens of thousands of testers, 76% being rated 5 stars. Select the ones you want to work with, schedule a video call and end the process by analyzing them and selecting the candidates.

  1. Racks

Racks is a powerful and free to use software website template that is packed with tons of features and functionalities that normally can be found on expensive, premium themes. It can be fully customized in minutes to fit perfectly your new project.

  1. Controlio

With Controlio you can easily monitor your employee PC from anywhere in the world. Real-time surveillance, continuous screen recording, key logging and many other things can be done with this solution in no time. Increase productivity with Controlio.

Track active and idle time per app and website and get rid of bottlenecks in your workflow.

  1. Brizy

Brizy is a powerful and free to use website builder that you can use without effort and without having any special or coding skills. It is packed with more than 150 gorgeous blocks that you can arrange and modify to fit your needs.

Try it.

  1. MeridianThemes

At MeridianThemes you can find gorgeous WordPress themes that are packed with the latest technologies and tons of features. All of them are SEO friendly, lightning fast and can be fully customized in minutes.

Browse their portfolio and check what they’ve got.

  1. FreelanceLogoDesign

Every time you need a brilliant logo design with a budget-friendly cost, Freelance Logo Design will help you in 60 minutes or even less. Let 3 logo designers create 6 custom logos to choose from. The results are outstanding and the process is fast and straightforward.

  1. actiTIME

actiTIME helps thousands of companies – from startups, non-profits and family businesses to Fortune 500 organizations – in their daily operations. It is a solution that provides a convenient way to manage project scope, assign tasks, track time and analyze your business performance based on the collected data.

Start free fully functional 30-day free trial.

  1. MediaLoot

MediaLoot is a huge marketplace where designers and developers can find thousands of free and premium graphics, fonts, icons, templates and much more. The website is very well structured and the quality of the products is outstanding.

Browse MediaLoot and pick what you need.

  1. Logoshi – Logo Maker

Don’t waste time designing logos from scratch. Logoshi is one of the fastest and most affordable logo design platforms on the internet. Logoshi’s logo maker is easy to use and creates head-turning logos in seconds. For only $5 you can download beautiful, high-resolution logo designs.

  1. Pixpa

Pixpa is a highly appreciated portfolio website builder that comes packed with tons of features and the latest technologies. You can easily integrate e-commerce, client galleries, and blogging tools. You don’t need to have any coding skills or previous experience to create a stunning portfolio website.

Try Pixpa for free for 15 days, you don’t need a credit card.

  1. WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math

RankMath is considered the fastest and the most powerful SEO plugin for WordPress. It configures itself, it is packed with tons of features and many new things will add soon, and it helps a lot to build traffic to your website.

  1. Goodie

Goodie is a strong web development service that is a perfect fit for designers looking for a reliable developer partner, for small and local businesses that want to amplify their online presence, for people that need a 1-10 page modern website or small WordPress project.

Discuss with Goodie the details of your next project.

  1. Inspectlet

Inspectlet is a handy tool which records how users interact with your website and allows you to play back recordings in simulated real-time. You will see their mouse movements with eye-tracking heat maps.

Stop guessing why visitors are doing certain actions on your website and to start to convert better.

  1. Freelance Invoice

Packed with tons of features and functionalities, Bonsai is the best freelance invoice platform on the market. It is used by more than 100,000 web designers, developers, photographers and many others, being paid much faster and having 3x fewer payment delays.

Get started for free.

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