Sometimes back one of my good friend asked me to assess few job candidates for Java programming. But there were around 20 candidates and I didn’t wanted to waste my time in interviewing all of them. First I wanted to filter some of the candidates that I know are good and leave the ones who are not good in programming. Then I came to know about Tests for Geeks that is an online platform where you can create online tests and send them their unique URL to evaluate them at first level.

I was glad to found there was Java Programming Test too where a candidate has to go through 20 questions in 40 minutes and questions include all the major areas such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Core Java concepts, Collections, Threads and Data Structures. Since I had to test 20 candidates, I took their one month unlimited plan for 100 USD and used it to test the programming level of job candidates. I must say that this was a great decision because it helped me save around 10 hours and based on the test report, I interviewed top 5 candidates and selected 2 of them for my friend start up. As I was very happy with this service, I thought to write an article for it providing useful information for anyone in this situation.

Creating an account in Test for Geeks

Creating an account is free, just go through their simple registration process and then order the services that you want to use to test your job candidates.

Creating Java Programming Test

After that click on the “Choose a Test” and you will see a list of tests, there are tests on almost all the major technologies. Just click on the “Java” test and you will see below page.

 With Examples

Now click on the “Test Job Candidate” and in next page provide the candidate name and click on “Create the Link” button. This will bring you below page where you can see a unique link created for the candidate.

 With Examples

Just share the link with you candidate via email, Skype or any other way you have and they can take the test.

Java Test for Job Candidate

When the job candidate will open the test link, it will show below window.

 With Examples

Note that there is no mention of Tests for Geeks, so the candidate will not know which service we are using. Once the candidate is finished with the test, he will get below page and report will be sent to you.

 With Examples

Test Result Reports

We can see the candidate test result in the “My Tests” section as shown below.
Below image shows how the “Java Test” report looks like, I liked the way it’s categorized in different sections.
The candidate report is also sent to your email address, as shown in below image.


So we have a lot of places to get the results of a candidate and then decide whether we want to pursue the candidate further or not.

Tests for Geeks Benefits

  • Saves a lot of time in assessing job candidates by filtering them with this automated process, just this one time benefit is good enough for me to pay for the service. Imagine the recurring benefit you will receive after hiring the candidate.
  • We can use our own sub-domain with logo for branding, this is one of the best benefit for bigger companies who wants to use service like this but also don’t want to publicly show it.
  • TestsForGeeks-Own-Profile
  • Also you can publish the link of the test on your website and candidates will pass the test without your participation. Candidate will just indicate their names and contact info prior to passing the test.
  • A very useful service to evaluate an overseas candidate where live meeting for interview is not possible, such as hiring freelancers.

Overall I am very happy with Tests for Geeks service and I will sure use it in future too.

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