IntelliJ IDEA Personal Licenses Giveaway Report and Winners With Examples

We had IntelliJ IDEA Personal Licenses Giveaway running here from 15th April to 25th April, it has ended now and below are some of the stats and Winner details.

Giveaway URL:

Total Contestants: 2063

Total Entries: 7118


Top 5 Contestants based on Entries:

  1. joese*** with 313 entries
  2. pash**** with 187 entries
  3. rambabu.**** with 106 entries
  4. bunke**** with 97 entries
  5. ark*** with 73 entries

Winners: Before I provide the details about the winners, I would like to insist how important it is to confirm your email address by clicking on the Confirmation link sent in the email. One of the contestant jega_k**** was having 298 entries but he didn’t confirmed his email, he was having very good chance of winning but because of Unconfirmed status, he was not part of the algorithm that choose the winner.

Below screenshot shows the winners of this giveaway, we have removed part of the email address to maintain privacy.

Winners have been notified by email, we are waiting for the confirmation email from them to send them their prize.

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