IntelliJ IDEA Features and Surprise Giveaway With Examples

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the best Java IDE. I have used both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA and there are couple of features that I like in IntelliJ IDEA and I wish it had worked same way in Eclipse.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA Keymap for other IDEs

I use Mac OS X and Windows both Operating Systems for my development requirements. One of the biggest problem I face is related to keyboard shortcuts for different tasks.

So when I thought of giving IntelliJ IDEA a try, this was my biggest fear. But this Keymap feature saved me a lot of time that I would have otherwise wasted in settling down with different keyboard shortcuts. I just changed it to my favorite “Eclipse for Mac OS X” and I have all the keyboard shortcuts same in both Windows and Mac OS X. Please look at the below image for different options.


  1. IntelliJ IDEA Automatic Code Suggestions

This is one feature that is totally awesome and I wish Eclipse had it. The automatic code suggestion works seamless and give you options as you type. It’s very fast and help a lot in looking for classes or methods to use, there is no need for any shortcut key for this.


  1. Camel Case Prefixes support in Code Suggestions

If you liked code suggestion feature, you will love this camel case support feature. Just see it in action in below image.


IntelliJ IDEA Surprise Giveaway

We are having another giveaway here from 15th April to 25th April and we are giving away 2 personal license for IntelliJ IDEA, this giveaway is sponsored by JetBrains, the awesome company behind this intelligent IDE.

Giveaway URL:

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