How to Install Memcached Server on Windows as Service With Examples

In my earlier post, I explained how to install Memcached server on Mac OS. Today I will explain how to install the Memcached server on Windows operating system.

Install Memcached on Windows

To install the Memcached Server on Windows, we have to run its “exe” or “batch” process file.

However, the Memcached server was written for Unix/Linux based operating system and you can’t get a Windows version from the Memcached server official website.

This problem is solved by Jellycan Code and NorthScale. They provided the Win32 and Win64 versions in a binary format that can be used to install the Memcached server on Windows.

Steps to install Memcached on Windows

  1. Download memcached installer zip from the following links based on your Windows setup – Win32, Win64.
  2. Unzip it in some hard drive folder. For example C:memcached
  3. There will be memcached.exe file in the unzipped folder.
  4. Open Command Prompt and execute below commands to install it as service and start it.
  5. Memcache-Windows-Install

Now Memcached is installed and running as a daemon process on port 11211. You can view it in the Control Panel Services also and stop and start it from there.


You can run memcached.exe -help command to check all the available options like changing ports.

Once you have started memcached server, you can use memcached telnet commands or memcached java client program to test it.

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