How to Find Length of a Linked List?

What is a Linked List?

  • A linked list is a linear data structure used for storing collections of data
  • Successive elements are connected by pointers
  • The last element points to NULL
  • Each element is a separate object and is called a Node
  • Each node in a linked list comprises of two parts
    • Data
    • Reference to Next Node
    • Iterative-Solution


LinkedList Node



Linked List

How to Find the Length of a Linked List?

There are two ways to find the length of a linked list:

  1. Iterative Approach
  2. Recursive Approach

Length of Linked List using Iterative Approach

We will use the Linked list traversal to find the length of a linked list.

  • Head Points to the First Node of The List.
  • Initialize the count variable with value 0
  • Initialize the temp variable with Head
  • As we access each Node, the value of count variable is increased by 1.
  • Stop The process when we reach null.
  • Do not change the head reference.


Iterative Approach for LinkedList Length

Code in Java

Code in C




Iterative Solution Output

Length of Linked List using Recursive Solution

Base Case:

  • Last Node points to Null value
  • Return 0

Recursive Case:

  • At each step update the Value of Current Node to the Next Node
  • Call= 1+fun(
  • Recursive-Solution


Recursive Solution

There are 3 elements in the linked list: LL1, LL2, and LL3.

We will Observe What happens in the Memory Stack when the Recursive Call is made.



Memory Stack

The main function calls LL1, LL1 calls LL2, LL2 calls LL3, LL3 calls null value.

As Null value is reached, we return from here.

0 is returned to LL3, LL3 returns 1 to LL2, LL2 returns 2 to LL1.

LL1 finally returns 3 to the main function.

Code in Java

Code in C




Recursive Solution Output

Time Complexity

O(N) in both the recursive and iterative solution, as all we need, is a single traversal to know the length.

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