If you are a web designer or web developer, you know there are tons of scripts, many CMS and technologies that are being used to create a website. Yesterday while browsing, I landed on a website and I found the design was very good, so I wanted to figure out what all technologies are being used to create that.

Being a web developer myself, first thing I did was to use view source and browser inspect tool to get the CMS information, I got to know that jQuery and Font Awesome are being used. But then it’s manual process and this is not something that only I am interested in, so there must be some easy way to get this details.

I looked online and there were many suggestions, below are some of the most recommended one.

The problem with first two is that I have to go to another website and then enter the URL and get the details, that is again manual process. Chrome Sniffer and Wappalyzer looked good because they are browser extensions and you don’t have to leave the page.

But I was looking for a single solution, I tried both of them and found Wappalyzer is the far better than Chrome Sniffer. Some of the reasons are:

  • Wappalyzer supports both my favorite browser – Chrome and Firefox
  • Wappalyzer UI is far better than Chrome Sniffer
  • Wappalyzer provides more information than Chrome Sniffer. It even provides server details and it has vast set of scripts and plugins analyzed.

For example, below is the analysis for my own website. It’s so much informative and it’s showing my webserver details too.


So this is my go to tool whenever I want to inspect any website to get the CMS or technology details being used.

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