YouTube is one of the biggest resources of online Videos. People create videos and then upload them on YouTube. After that, they can share the link through emails to their friends. However, sometimes we need to embed the YouTube video in our PowerPoint presentations, emails or to our HTML, Blogger or WordPress based websites.

Embedding YouTube Video in PowerPoint

If you are working with Office 2010 or higher then you can embed any video clip from the Internet by using its embed code. Just go to the online video webpage and get the embed code.

For example:

After getting the embed code, go to PowerPoint Insert Tab and then choose Video > Insert Video from Website option. In the popup window, copy paste the embed code and insert it into the presentation. You can adjust its size or location by using visual handlers.

For older version of Windows Office, this feature is not available and you will have to install PowerPoint add-in for that. Download the YouTube Video Add-in and install it. Installation steps are given on the download page.

After installation, it will add a new command “Insert YouTube Video” in PowerPoint and you can add YouTube video easily by just using the video URL.

NOTE: Since the embedded video needs an internet connection to play, make sure that wherever you are planning to give presentation has good internet connectivity. Otherwise, download YouTube video in AVI or other supported format and then embed it as a local video from the hard drive.

Embedding YouTube Video in Email

Actually embedding the YouTube video in the email is not possible and I think it’s because of security issues.
However, if you are using YouTube with Gmail then it automatically embeds the video in the mail. It’s the feature of Gmail and more details on it can be found at Gmail Blog.

Embedding YouTube Video in HTML, BLogger or WordPress Blog

If your website is based on simple HTML, then it’s fairly easy for you. You just need to add the embed code at the proper place and it will get added to the webpage.

For Blogger, switch to Edit HTML mode and paste the embed code. Check for preview and you will see the embedded video image. It won’t play in preview mode but you can make sure that its working fine with the layout.


After that you can publish your post and then the video will get embedded in your post and you can watch it online without leaving the page.

Real example: YouTube Video in Blogger Post

For WordPress, switch to the Edit Post, HTML tab and then paste the embed code. You can preview the post for the layout and even play the video in preview mode.

I hope this post will be useful if you are trying to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint or your website.

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