How to clear Eclipse subclipse and subversion plugins user-password in Mac OS With Examples

If you are using Eclipse IDE and using SVN as repository for your projects then you might be aware of subclipse and subversion plugins. Just to give a brief idea, these are the plugins to work with SVN in Eclipse IDE for version control. If you are using Eclipse Ganymede then it comes bundled with these plugins.

Recently I faced a problem in using it for multiple users. When we connect to the SVN repository from any user id and then saves the password, it caches this data to a hidden file in the file system. So when you connect to some other project location, it doesn’t prompt for user/password and gives an error message. To avoid this error, we need to clear the saved data.

I was working on Mac OS and I was not sure where I can locate the file. I have been using Mac OS for my development purpose from last two years and I know that it uses PList files for configuration and that is the place where I can find the location of the hidden file.

Right click on the and click on “Show Package Contents” menu item. It will open a new Finder window with the Contents. It will have an Info.plist file that contains Eclipse configurations. Double click to open it and expand to find the location of the cache file.


As you can see in the above image, the location is ~/.eclipse_keyring. Just remove this file from the file system and restart Eclipse.

Now when you will try to connect to other SVN project, it will prompt for user and password.

Note: The keyring file is encrypted but it’s not a bad idea to move it from user home directory. Just change this property in plist file and restart the Eclipse to have this cached file in your desired location.

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