Chain Letters: Making Customers Happy with Personalized Emails With Examples

Beymard Institute made a very illustrative research regarding the cart abandonment many eCommerce organizations face. Due to various reasons, about 70% of the online shoppers abandon their purchases. The main cause seems the complicated checkout procedures making online customers leave their orders uncompleted. How does this relate to the email campaigns? The thing is that the situation is potentially recoverable with the help of the properly arranged email campaigns. The re-engagement capabilities of the carefully considered email campaigns can get the customers back to their former orders as well as to the brands they allegedly gave up. Is the game worth the candle? The optimization of checkouts through email campaigns can bring up to $260M annually. The amount is enough convincing to have a hand in all of this.

Customization of email campaigns can bring customers back

The personalized experience is what a contemporary customer expects from brands. The lack of personalization makes people think that they are not important for brands. While the attention is the golden currency with which brands can conquer the customers’ hearts, the personalization can be recognized as the velvet wallet containing that currency. The “one-size-fits-all” approach is not about the eCommerce segment where 50% of customers hope on brands remembering their past purchases.

Therefore, the segmentation is the core idea upon which the progressive promotion campaigns should be performed. The contemporary automated marketing tools allow brands to segment various email audiences in order to meet the personalized customer expectations. However, the abundance of tools itself does not guarantee the desired results. Besides, surfing the internet in search of the appropriate tools and templates is a time-consuming activity.

Email Templates Resources

The platforms offering free email templates have done a hard work to satisfy email marketers with their requirements to the professionally created and attractively looking templates. Litmus is probably the first place on the Internet that a marketer should visit while looking for the free but rich-functional templates. Litmus represents several collections of the email templates including newsletters, marketing emails, eCommerce ones, and even the account management templates. Each collection consists of several different thematic templates covered, however, with a joint design. Nevertheless, all the designs are well-balanced with regard to their visual elements, structures, and colors. Even though the templates are dedicated to the business purposes mostly, they look funny and encouraging. Having a responsive design, all the templates are displayed equally well whatever email client is used.

Another resource offering free email templates is Zubr with five responsive templates having abundant customization capabilities. Texts, images, colors, fonts, that is to say, everything can be adjusted, altered, and shuffled like a deck of cards while creating emails with the templates on Zubr. Focusing on responsiveness, Zubr keeps pace with the contemporary trend of transition to mobile. The available preview feature allows checking the final version of an email through different email clients on various platforms. Indeed, the true flexibility is achieved by such an approach.

Oftentimes, just the dedicated communities of volunteers know better what matters most for the end customers. And the email marketing area is no different. The collaboration platform 99designs offers 45 free email templates created by the enthusiastic designers for small and middle-sized businesses. The templates are compatible with the majority of email clients. The newsletters, promotional email campaigns, and personalized messages look pretty attractive being correctly displayed on both desktop and mobile platforms.
email newsletter responsive

Email marketing can be mobilized

The contemporary fierce competition in every business segment makes merchants and marketers strive hard while reaching their target audience. Sometimes, there is no enough time to arrange a new email campaign which might be pertinent. It is easy to imagine an overstressed marketer rushing along the street to a subway station in the morning where s/he can find twenty minutes to do something meaningful through the only equipment available on the run – a mobile gadget. Time is money by all means, and the service capable of representing time-saving solutions is worthy of special attention.


Creating email campaigns on the go

MailChimp’s mobile app available on AppStore and Google Play facilitates the creation of email campaigns with phones and tablets. Acquiring almost the entire functionality of the desktop version of the platform, the app provides marketers with numerous opportunities of creating the full-fledged email campaigns on the go. The flexible designing section of the app allows adding various visuals from both the gadget memory and the cloud repositories such as Dropbox. Besides, the feature of using a gadget camera can add creativity to the email design since the spontaneous insights are always expressive. The campaign engagement, audience growth, e-commerce performance, and other various metrics can be tracked and adjusted via the mobile dashboard of the app. The mobile solution from MailChimp gives marketers a chance to spot the ongoing trends timely that is crucially important in these dynamic days.


The happy customers covered with the relevant and well-personalized email campaign will most likely tend to share the content with their friends and families. The referrals consisting of the loved ones of your happy customers are the most reliable source of the future revenues. In order to correspond to the customers’ expectations, every dedicated email campaign should be created with a customized design. The agile, perfectly looking, and free of charge email templates are available on the Internet at marketers’ disposal. Besides, such solutions as MailChimp’s mobile app provides marketers with the rich functionality for creating the professional email campaigns on the go. Thus, the things marketers should find just themselves are dedication and creativity. But in achieving this only the sky is the limit.

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