We have selected a range of 10+ different web developer tools, especially made for nontechnical people who are willing to promote their projects and businesses in an easy, efficient and low-cost way and we chose to share them with you in this article.

  • uKit.com
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  • Nowadays, business owners simply want to get their sites done and running with no cost and without being obliged to hire a web design agency. Luckily, we found the solution for this problem, and it is represented by uKit. It is a Do-It-Yourself website builder, using a Drag-n-Drop technique, which allows business owners to promote their business through professional sites.

    From the very beginning, you are given a ready to go website and all you have to do is to choose a theme and a domain name. Each template is mobile-friendly and you can preview it on various devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). The site is divided in two main areas, the Dashboard and the Constructor, which have three working modes: Site pages, Builder and Design. The dashboard lets you manage your sites’ main settings and, like any other drag-n-drop site builder, there are several widgets that you can add on the page, such as MailChimp, which provides you tools to create sign-up forms for your site and helps you with the newsletters, or Ecwid, that lets you manage your Ecwid accounts without having to leave the control panel. In addition to these, you can also use LiveChat, SoundCloud, Google Maps and more.

  • Usersnap.com
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    Many of you may be working on a web project and I am sure you are all looking for advice that will make your website look and run better. Usersnap gives you the chance to receive feedback in an extremely efficient way, by giving users the opportunity to send you screenshots regarding the main problems of the current browser content. Your website visitors don’t care about bugs or any kind of error, but developers do. With Usersnap you can record these JavaScript errors as they happen, along with other information needed.Therefore, you will have a real time collaboration and communication with developers, clients and friends, by sharing screen and trying to find solutions for the found issues. Apart from this, you will also enjoy other special features, such as an easy to use feedback widget, or in-browser screenshots that require no plugin. I invite you to try their free trial and see how it is like to exchange opinions with other companies ready to help you improve your website.
  • Goodbarber.com
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    GoodBarber is the simplest and most intuitive way of creating a mobile application, the only thing needed being your creativity. The software is very user friendly, giving you the chance to create beautiful, professional mobile apps. You can personalize them by choosing from and customizing various design templates, and enhancing your app with a large library full of beautiful and professional photos free for your use.Finally, you can publish your app on the stores once you are a GoodBarber member with an active subscription. The only other thing you need is your own developer accounts, which can be made on https://developer.apple.com for iOS apps or on https://developer.android.com/index.html for Android. If you need help along the way, the support team is ready to answer any of your questions and help you to create the the app you are envisioning.
  • TeamDesk.net
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    I am sure some of you may feel the need to build a professional management solution for your companies. TeamDesk is the greatest software of storing information, being a really simple and flexible solution, instead of buying an expensive and advanced one. You can get started by choosing one predefined database template or by building one from the scratch.Each database’s design consists of types of tables with rows an columns, and you can completely customize it. You can create as many databases as you like, organizing them using various methods: by slicing large collection of tabs into workspace, by adding new variables to use them later in the system and many others.
  • ThemifyFlow.com
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    If you are familiar with Themify themes, you must know about their drag & drop Builder, a page layout builder which allows you to design any sort of layouts. Now they’ve adopted the Builder to a new framework called Themify Flow which allows you to build templates. You can build templates like homepage, blog, categories, posts, pages, and custom post types. Header, sidebar, and footer within templates can be built as well. The entire theme (templates, template parts, and styling) can be imported/exported. It sounds promising.
  • Hotjar.com
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    Now it’s here: the best website analytics tool so far, that lets you keep track of your visitors preferences and needs regarding the look and the content of your site. Hotjar has many special features, such as conversion funnels, informing you about when do your visitors are leaving your site. Besides this, it also provides you with Form Analytics, Feedback Polls, Heatmaps and more.
  • Codelobster.com
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    This program is a Windows based PHP IDE, with the aim to allow you to create websites
    and web applications with the least amount of resistance possible. It comes out with a lot of features, including PHP debugger, SQL manager, support of FTP and many others.
  • Frontify.com
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    Frontify is the best web application for the web design passionate, letting you create and share design prototypes, while giving and receiving feedback in order to get better. It is trusted by known brands, such as Lufthansa, TUI, Thomson and more, so you can go and sign up on their site. The first project is free.
  • uCoz.com
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    If you would like to customize and personalize your unique site in order to present your business, using more complex methods including coding, you should definitely choose uCoz. It was founded in 2005 and it has a lot of experience in the web publishing industry. Every guy who tested uCoz said that it’s a top solution. Also SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com is rating this tool as the best to use.
  • Powermockup.com
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    Do you want to make you PowerPoint presentations more special? Well, that’s why we created PowerMockup, a toolkit that provides you wireframes and mockups for PowerPoint, coming with a library of different shapes and icons that you can choose from.
  • Shrinktheweb.com
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    In recent years, more and more websites have begun to use website screenshots creatively in various ways. Gathering all those screenshots in the most efficient way possible is usually done with the help of a website screenshot service, such as ShrinkTheWeb, which offers a free plan to small users.

That’s all for all the fresh web development tools I found in last few months, I hope you will find these useful.

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