If you’re looking to boost your productivity using awesome web tools and services, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here is a list of the latest web developer tools that will help you save time and work way faster.

  1. Pidoco.com
    Pidoco is a powerful, yet easy to learn, web-based prototyping tool that offers tons of features, of which maybe the most important and interesting one is the interaction. This feature allows user to define simulations for location information, touch gestures, device movements but also system reactions – all without any programming.You can easily define interactions for your page as well as for any individual stencil. For each interaction, there is a dedicated set of characteristics that you can define, like movement triggers or what delay you will have before a reaction. In addition, Pidoco offers sharing and collaboration options, a number of exports, and several types of templates to speed up your work. Now we have your attention? Visit Pidoco and get your free trial account.
  2. TeamDesk.net
    TeamDesk online database software combines a fully customizable web application solution and an easily accessible web-database for your team. TeamDesk web-database allows managing business critical information the way you want to and modify online applications any time you need over the Internet.If you would like to start from preconfigured application, you may review TeamDesk library and find out an application template corresponding to your business process. If you have no wish to deal with a preconfigured template – it’s ok, you can create an application all by yourself from the very beginning!They provide unlimited customer support for their clients and 4-hours free consulting for prospects.
  3. Usersnap.com
    Is there anybody who doesn’t need a great bug tracker or screenshot tool to help during hard web projects? For sure not. Usersnap represents one of the best solutions and you can’t really wish for anything else. It’s an easy to use visual bug tracker that will help you save time and will work for you like a talented and hard working partner.Once you install Usersnap, all users have to do is to click on the feedback button that has been added to their browser and then a bug report with an attached screenshot will be ready to be shared with others. Your collaborators can discuss these screenshots and find the best solutions together.Those who are already using a bug tracking tool or project management tool will enjoy the seamless integration of Usersnap and its added value. And the fun part? You can connect Usersnap with your chat tool in order to stay up-to-date on any new screenshot or bug report.
  4. Html5Maker.com
    When using HTML5MAKER for creating animations, presentation, banners, sliders or even slideshows, the process is very easy and straighforward. In the same time, if you need advanced options, you will find everything you can think of, even if you are an experienced professional.With this awesome tool, you can also host your work / projects on the cloud. It’s ideal for anybody who is looking for creating animated content.
  5. Themify.me

    If you are looking to add unique touches to your web site, but you don’t have coding or programming skills, Themify will help you polish your site in no time. Themify’s builder allows quick and nice theme customization without knowing nothing about programming or web design.
  6. Framebench.com
    Framebench is a web application for collaborating with your team to review a file. The USP of this app is the real time feature. It is a life saver when working with remote teams. In business for over 2 years, Framebench is used by graphic designers, game developers, and video production houses from around the world. Framebench recently launched a next version of their application called Framebench Next which is 10 times faster and has a material design.
  7. DealFuel.com

    When you are searching for the best deals for both web designers and developers, you must go DealFuel, as it’s the best place to find such things. This community has access to the best items and services money can buy. Here, you can find best WordPress themes, online learning and important resources for improving your skills but also your website. From a designer point of view, it’s the best website offering icons, buttons and vectors.
  8. Ghostlab App

    If you are a web developer or designer, for sure you need to test your website across different browsers and devices to get an idea of how all users will view your work. It’s a difficult and time consuming job but luckily, we have Ghostlab App to do the hard work for us. With a click of a button, you can view your website in multiple browsers and devices and equipped with tons of features to obtain the best results.
  9. BugRocket.com
    Get started tracking bugs with only a few c
    licks with Bugrocket, a simple bug tracking solution for freelancers and small teams. Tickets can be easily created but also managed with effective and simple sorting options and search filters. Spend less time configuring your tools and get back to working on the projects you care about.
  10. Shopsite.com
    With ShopSite you will create a professional looking E-commerce website, that’s easy to navigate but it also has the most awesome features regarding the cart. It has detailed reporting options to help you manage with success your online store. It’s a top solution, used by many companies.
  11. Wideo.co

    What can Wideo do for you? A whole bunch of things, like helping you create wonderful animations using a wide variety of characters, objects, templates, and backgrounds. You can easily upload your own images, add your own music or voice over tracks. Using the handy “reusable” templates, it’s incredibly easy to add your own text to a video that already has music, animation effects, and more! Anybody with no “techy” expertise is a master using this awesome tool.

That’s all for the fresh web development tools, you should go and check them out.

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