Sometimes back I wrote an article for Best Core Java Books for beginners. Today I am sharing some of the best design patterns book.

Design Patterns Book

These design patterns book is suitable for any developer, whether beginners or experienced. Whether working in Java or some other technologies, these design patterns book will help you in learning design patterns in depth. What problems design patterns solve and how to implement them in a particular scenario.

  1. Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
    This is the Bible of Design Patterns, it’s written by four authors – Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides. This book is more commonly known as Gangs of Four Design Patterns aka GoF Design Patterns.
  2. Design-Pattern-GoF-Book-358x450
  3. This design pattern book starts with the introduction to Design Patterns, why do we need it and how to select a design pattern for a particular case. Then it covers all the 23 design patterns in Creational Pattern, Structural Pattern, and Behavioral Pattern. Note that these design patterns examples are not in Java language but if you really want to learn the design pattern concepts, this is the book to read first, without any doubt.

    You can get “Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” from below stores. (India) (India)

  4. Head First Design PatternsHead First series books are always a delight and when it comes to design patterns, it’s not an exception. I really love the simple real-life examples given in this book.
  5. Design-Pattern-GoF-Book-358x450

    This book covers all the design patterns with great explanation, what is the problem and how a design pattern solves them.

    You can buy “Head First Design Patterns” book from below stores. (India) (India)

  7. Patterns of Enterprise Application ArchitectureOnce you have knowledge of design pattern explained in above two books, this is the book to read. It takes your design patterns knowledge to next level and it’s a good read for senior developers or architect level designers.
  8. Patterns-of-Enterprise-Application-Architecture-Book-350x450

    This book explains design patterns to be used for Concurrency, Performance, Distributed Systems, Session Management, Data Source Patterns, Object-relational behavioral patterns, Object-relational structural patterns, Web Presentation Patterns and much more.

    You can buy “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” book from below stores. (India) (India)

  10. Design Patterns Explained
  11. Design-Patterns-Explained-Book-340x450
  12. This is more than just a book for design patterns. It covers Object Oriented design principles and UML. What are the flaws in object creation patterns and how to fix them using different design patterns? If you want to learn something by asking first WHY then this is the book for you. It’s less abstract than the GoF design patterns book and I love the way this book is written.

    You can get “Design Patterns Explained” book from below stores. (India) (India)

  13. Applying UML and PatternsI haven’t read this book yet, but it’s in my TODO list. It has been recommended to me by my friends when I was discussing the good design pattern books.
  14. Design-Patterns-Explained-Book-340x450

    The best part about this book is the Case studies that put you through real-life programming scenarios. It covers UML, Object Oriented architecture, iterative development and design patterns to use in fixing design flaws in real life programming scenarios.

    You can get “Applying UML and Patterns” book from below stores. (India) (India)

All these books are highly praised and have great ratings and reviews. If you want a role of architect or become a super coder, then you should read these and learn about design patterns at a deeper level. If you think some other book must be part of this list, please let me know through comments and I would love to add those.

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