14 Web Tools to Improve Your Project With Examples

Here you can find the best services on the internet that will enhance your digital work at the moment. Even if you don’t know anything about them, you will find out a lot, thanks to the reviews below. Whether you are a designer or a developer, you will for sure find something worth trying in our list!

Designers and developers alike come to Codester to get the latest developing assets they need for their projects. To drastically reduce developing time, you can now try one of the so many offers Codester comes with. The ready-to-use pieces of software are scripts (in the most popular languages like Python, Java, C, Ruby and PHP – each one with its specific use), application source codes (from simple Android apps to complicated Unity games, you have it all here), website templates and plugins in the most popular dozen platforms (like WordPress, Magento or Drupal) or HTML5 and even graphic content (icons, logos and mockups, to name a few). On the other side, you can sell your own items by opening a store and you will get a 70% commission on any purchase you have. There are no annoying restrictions like a minimum number of sales before you are getting paid, and any revenue you have you can set up to have an automatic monthly transfer to your bank account or to your PayPal. Now you can also use a Codester affiliate link to have yet another way of passive income. Just head over to your known developer or share it on social and everyone who joins from it and buys something will bring you 20% of their purchases. With so many options, there is only one obvious conclusion – make an account now at Codester and enjoy the service!


Visme allows you to create beautiful presentations, infographics and banner ads quickly and easily. It is a great option for the ones who are not that good at design, but have many ideas in their mind that they want to share with the world. This way, companies can really engage their audience.

The first thing we notice about Visme is that they provide their customers with plenty of infographic, presentation and banner ad templates, all of which look highly professional and can be easily edited. Thanks to the simple drag and drop designing and the huge range of free images, fonts, icons and infographic visuals, the content produced is for sure unique. In order to make it even more appealing, objects can be animated and given special effects. Using this feature, you can specify when objects appear, how they appear, transition times, and so forth. This all includes options like images sliding in from the left, icons slowly fading in, etc. It’s all useful stuff, and it’s easy to use too. Go check them out!


Amazing, user-interactive, sophisticated… These are just a few words that merely describe PSD2HTML®, the first website of its kind and the best one if you ask their 30 000 clients. What do they do? They help passionate designers that love visuals and seeing their ideas come to life, transform their great designs into even greater websites that can be easily used.

How do they do that? Besides the fact that their experience is bigger than 11 years, their team is consisted of over 470 employees, many of them being very experienced front-end engineers in the industry that have intensive training programs, strict quality standards and a heavily funded research lab. One of their features is the turning of PSD into email templates. With over 7,500 email templates coded to date, they have got some of the best solutions for your email marketing needs: unbeatable code quality, one day turnaround, and the widest cross-platform compatibility. Other great options include front-end development and CMS-based development, hat we invite you to discover by looking on their website and even at their beautiful portfolio of websites!


The world we live in keeps on changing and evolving and so does the technology and the web development. The Internet moves fast and so it’s important to have a strong and updated toolset with you while building websites. Using a website builder is one of the best-kept secrets in web design. A builder can help a business of any size create and get online in a hurry, using a set of tools that is rooted in a modern interface. If you are looking for pre-designed templates that make it easier to create something that looks great, safety and security standards regularly tested, constant technological and maintenance updates in the interface and no coding skills needed, Simbla is the website builder of your dreams and it’s even better now that it has its own online database (Online database) provided by an innovative cloud based platform. Use the right tool for the right job!


Most of the bloggers are struggling to find a theme which gives them a wide range of possibilities. The rows, columns, and modules can all be customized independently, allowing you to change various aspects of their appearance. These content styling customization options include: choose from multiple animation effects, set background images or videos for individual rows, customize text appearance (Google Fonts, color, size, links), row widths and gutter spacing


The best wireframin
g service online is offered by HotGloo. Why? Take a huge ready-made stencil and UI element library, collaboration features like comments and real-time co-editing, HTML export and an outstanding support team, assisting you whenever you need it. Not yet convinced? Try free and see yourself how wireframing and prototyping works these days.

What Droplr has figured out is how to create a bond between the browser and your desktop, in order to facilitate the process of collecting the information you need, sharing it and storing it in your own virtual library, all using one app. Also, the extension version for browsers makes it even easier to save and share, as work gets done quickly, without any difficulties or struggles.

There are more than enough HTML online editors out there, but only one can get you hired, and that’s Codepad. So follow and control your code version and create something awesome, because successful public playgrounds can turn you from a starting freelancer into a most-wanted man. Your offers will arrive directly on your email. Acquire experience and check other’s code by following them and connect with your geeky friends and start writing lines together.


Tracking your website can be very useful for the success of it and for the engagement of the audience. So, in order to make sure your site is working perfectly, Host-Tracker is the solution for you, as they provide their clients with many useful monitoring tools, such as full-time checking, database tests, maintenance scheduling, smart notifications and reminders and many others that will help you get you know your website more.


Redbooth plays an important part in your team’s efficiency, as it makes it a lot easier to communicate on changes and updates related to your project. Information has to be exchanged fast, and Redbooth makes this possible by connecting all types of virtual sharing into one. In the end, everything gets done by the book and more quickly than it could ever be using traditional means.


It is really important to communicate easily with your clients when selling your own products. Invoice Ninja did think of this and came up with a system which gathers e mail, invoices online and detailed information on the transaction, all in one place. The days where keeping track of everything would’ve made you lose your mind and live within confusion are finally over!


To maximize your website for commerce earnings you need a theme special created for this .What you’re looking for is definitely Colorlib’s theme Dazzling. You can customize just about every aspect of the site from colors to the slider to call to action buttons. There are plenty of widget areas to tinker with. And you can rest assured this theme is mobile and translation ready.


Working with wpDataTables is easy as pie and it significantly improves your projects that involve charts or tables, as it lets you build tables without any complicated configuration. The steps are simple: you provide table data (by uploading your file, a URL, a MySQL query or just input the data manually), configure it if you want and then publish it in a post or page. With many available features, such as advanced filters and search, highlighting and many other, it is a great plugin for your work.

Xfive is the perfect agency to take care of your business web development .Two of its most incredible and appreciated features are design and sketch to HTML. The first one’s job is to convert your design to a modern and functional front-end, whatever design tool like Sketch, Photoshop, AI you prefer. Sketch to HTML gives you the chance to have your sketch files converted to a modern front-end.

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All things considered, these great platforms will for sure improve your work as a developer, marketer, designer and content creator. They will increase your efficiency and productivity, but it’s up to you whether you give them a try or you let them slip. From our point of view, you should definitely take advantage of them!

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